What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things or IoT, refers to millions of physical devices around the world that are connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data. Thanks to new and affordable technologies, it is now possible to connect pretty much anything to the Internet, from a coffee machine to a fully automated production line, merging the virtual and the physical world.

An irrigation system that can be switched on using a smartphone is an IoT device, as is a motion sensor or a CO2 sensor in your office. An IoT device could be as simple as a door sensor or as complicated as an Airbus A380 that is now filled with thousands of sensors collecting and transmitting data back to a central server where this data is analysed and turned into decision making.

Internet of Things graphic

Why connect your things?

Comfort & Efficiency
Orchardists can now monitor the ambient temperature from their orchards and remotely activate irrigation systems to reduce the risk of frost damage. Farmers on the other hand, can monitor their block’s soil moisture and accurately determine when to irrigate reducing water consumption, power bills and fertilizer waste.

The result is a more productive and efficient operation, while greatly improving profit margins.

Better Decisions
To make smarter decisions, you need to analyse data. Basing your decisions on objective information removes the need for guess work. Visualising information from your business process can give you real insights into how to better and more efficiently run your operation.

Increased Profits
At first, the above benefits will impact your bottom line by reducing expenses. As mentioned above, the IoT will also help to improve your process efficiency which in turn will lead to new revenue opportunities. The IoT can give your organization a strategic advantage over your competitors.

In summary, as the cost of sensors and wireless communication continues to decrease, integrating IoT technology into your business could prove to be vital to keep you ahead of your competition. Contact the IQnexus Team if you would like to know how to integrate the Internet of Things into your organization.