For years there has been the need to keep track of consumption, leakage and over-consumption of water in residential areas. This information is fundamental to save this valuable resource and to reduce associated maintenance costs. Fortunately, the Internet of Things and smart IoT water meters are providing the much-needed solution for urban residents. Smart city councils and facility managements are rapidly adopting this technology, Smart Water Metering offers three major benefits:

  • Monitoring the pipeline network in real time can rapidly locate pipeline failures or leakage.
  • Smart water metering effectively solves the issues arising from manual readings and consumption estimations.
  • Capturing real-time parameters like quality, pressure, and temperatures can help to easily visualise and enhance the current capabilities of water utilities.

There are currently three major technologies leading the way: LoRaWAN, Sigfox and NB-IoT. NB-IoT is still primarily being tested while solutions with LoRaWAN and Sigfox are already matured and commercially available.

IQnexus IoT provides fully integrated solutions from network deployments to water meter procurement.

  • IQnexus Cloud Account
  • NZ/AUS LoRaWAN™ compliant
  • Public Network LoRaWAN™ Connectivity or private LoRa Gateway
  • Optional Sigfox Connectivity
  • Additional sensors available via IQnexus Marketplace.

Please contact us for the Connectivity and Sensor/Meter configuration

Starter and evaluation pack for apartment or facility gas, water and/or energy sub-metering. Complete wireless solution for water (hot & cold) and/or energy submetering with interfaces to several billing systems.