Internet of Things for Smart Agriculture

Senprobe measures soil moisture content and temperature down to 120cm depth, including soil surface temperature.

Measure Moisture

Increase yield and quality of your crops by monitoring soil moisture at critical growth stages.

Measure Temperature

Monitor your soil temperature and its effect on root growth.

At the surface

All SenProbe models include a surface temperature.


Measure soil moisture and temperature from 20cm to 120cm depth.

IQnexus Platform

Manage & Track Your IoT devices easily with the IQnexus Platform.

An IoT software platform is the core technology needed to power any IoT solution. The Platform has proven to make it easy to experience the benefits of IoT commercial and industrial applications.

Sizes Configuration​

1 x Moisture

1 x Temperature

2 x Moisture

2 x Temperature

3 x Moisture

3 x Temperature

4 x Moisture

4 x Temperature

5 x Moisture

5 x Temperature

6 x Moisture

6 x Temperature


Its rugged IP67 rated case survives many years under the sun.

  • Transmitter dimensions: 62 mm x 87 mm x 34 mm
  • Weight:160 grams with batteries
  • Probe size: 30 to 130 cm.
  • Remote monitoring of moisture and temperature via Sigfox/Lora
  • Local storage for up to a year of measurements for accurate post analysis of data

With IQnexus platform, SenProbe can alert you via email or SMS about the following levels:

  • Moisture content
  • Temperature
  • Battery level and more…

Depending on update rate three standard alkaline batteries can go for up to a year, solar and mains power options available.

SenProbes can be configured directly from the IQnexus platform or via USB cable.


Low Power Network Connectivity

Available in both Lora and Sigfox. These new IoT networks offer long range coverage at very low prices compared to standard 3G or GSM devices.