With a new company structure and marketing strategy, IQnexus aims to lead the Internet of Things market in New Zealand.


IQnexus was launched in 2016 with the purpose of bringing the Internet of Things to the Bay of Plenty, two years have passed since its conception and it is now clear that the Internet of Things is here and that IQnexus is leading the way.

Successful deployment of sensors in a variety of sectors have enable IQnexus to position itself as the go to place for hardware, sensor developments and IoT integrations. From smart agricultural to smart energy management systems. IQnexus plans to lead the way in the technology sector with developments that bring efficiencies to buildings, productions and manufacturing processes, making better use of resources and in turn making New Zealand a greener place to live.


Michael Welzel is our new Chief Technology Officer in charge of bringing the IoT (Internet of Things) to the building automation and energy management markets. The increased efficiencies in these markets can reach up to 15 per cent, greatly reducing environmental footprints and power bills.

IQnexus CTO Michael Welzel