Internet of Things for Industrial Automation

IQnexus Modbus can be interfaced to any type of device with a ModBus RTU interface, Water, Gas, Heating or Electricity. The transmitter uses SIGFOX or LORA low power networks allowing very long battery life and low costs compared to standard 3G or GSM devices.

The Modbus Master can be configured to read up to 10 registers from up to 3 slaves.

IQnexus Modbus installation is very easy. Plug into ModBus Slave device, configure registers to read via Serial Interface and power, then open your web browser and keep track of your device.

Key Features

IQnexus Platform

Manage & Track Your IoT devices easily with the IQnexus Platform.

An IoT software platform is the core technology needed to power any IoT solution. The Platform has proven to make it easy to experience the benefits of IoT commercial and industrial applications.


Its rugged IP67 rated case survives many years under harsh conditions.

Easy to install, just peel its industrial strength adhesive back or fit using the two mounting screws.

Dimensions: 62 mm x 87 mm x 34 mm
Weight:160 grams with batteries.

Battery life: depends on number of transmission per day, refer to data sheet for power consumption versus transmissions curve.

Power Supply: 6-24V DC or 3xAA 1.5V Lithium Batteries.

With help of the IQnexus platform, IQnexus Modbus can alert you via email or SMS about the following events:

  • Trends
  • Thresholds events
  • Fraud or Tampering
    and more…

Three configurations available:

  • Monopole
  • Dipole
  • External

Default configuration reports twice a day. Reporting message contains:

  • ModBus Master RTU Interface
  • 4-20mA Input
  • Temperature
  • Led indicators for activity, signal quality and status.


Low Power Network Connectivity

Available in both Lora and Sigfox. These new IoT networks offer long range coverage at very low prices compared to standard 3G or GSM devices.