For some products, maintaining strict temperature controls during shipping is critical.

Frozen foods need low temperatures to prevent bacterial growth, which can cause serious illness if consumed. Fresh produce depends on specific conditions to maintain shelf life once it reaches market.
Certain pharmaceuticals and vaccines require an unbroken chain of refrigerated environments to guarantee safety and effectiveness.

Ensuring quality and regulatory compliance is now simpler with IQnexus IoT. Real-time temperature monitoring protection is as simple as unpacking your sensor and configuring its temperature ranges.

IQnexus Cool Room Monitoring offers:

• Automatically capture critical control point temperature, configured to transmit at regular intervals.
• Get SMS and/or email alerts when temperatures fall outside required ranges.
• Capture data directly in cooling rooms, freezers, refrigerated trucks or display cases and other environments.
• Search and analyze historical records for patterns or anomalies in your cold chain management.