The IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem is a fragmented web of components, networks, standards and solutions. Unfortunately, most of these things were not designed to talk to each other easily. Many customers have a wide-range of investment in existing automation, IT and applications where the IoT would be of great benefit but the task of integrating this technology was just cumbersome…until now.

Introducing the IQnexus Platform, a vendor-agnostic data management layer that provides the glue for bringing all of these things together, solving difficult data problems simply so customers can focus on the solving their business problems.

  • IQnexus Cloud Account or
    On-premises installation
  • Public or private LoRaWAN™ network
  • Optional Sigfox Connectivity
  • Supports major target applications for Building Automation and Energy Management

Please contact us for the Connectivity and Sensor/Meter configuration

Starter and evaluation pack for facilities, office buildings, councils,utilities and universities are available.

Complete wireless solution for Building Automation, Analytics, Energy-Management and Smart-Metering with interfaces to several standard software systems.